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plans are made,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOW WHAT?

Now that the plans are made its time to go nuts, WAITING!  I almost dread this time of year more than anything.  You make your plans for the fall, now what?  I know you can look forward to turkey hunting, bowfishing on the river.  The typical Husband and dad stuff.  All of that stuff is GREAT!  Lets face it though, nothing compares to driving over the divide with tag in pocket in the fall of the year.  We have put a pretty good dent in the coyote population, let several fox go.  Beaver trapping is upon us but it all pales in comparison to the rockies in the fall.  What do you all do to keep yourself busy til season rolls around.  I dont mean the get in shape, practice shooting "obvious stuff" either.  Maybe I am the odd one out but I really dont enjoy getting in shape THAT much.

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Start loading bullets.  I

Start loading bullets.  I have reloaded close to 2,000 so far this winter so when summer comes around I can go shoot them all so I can start all over next winter.

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Yep all the plans are made

Yep all the plans are made and all the applications are filled out and on there way to their respected desinations.  I will spend the waiting time getting ready.  First off I will do some turket hunting.  All the while shooting the bow and rifle....practice, practice and then more practice.  I will also spend alot of time camping and fishing.  Seems like the more time I spend up in the hills...before you know it the season will be upon us.  Another thing to work on getiing my butt in better shape.

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The next couple of months are

The next couple of months are nothing but work to save money for the fall hunts and lots of planning. My planning is never finished as we are always looking several years down the road now. I plan a lot because we are always looking for something new to hunt or somewhere new to go. About 80% of everything we do is diy so the planning can go on forever.

As soon as it starts warming up and the roads open up it's time to start camping, scouting and fishing. I don't see too many guys here talk about fishing much but it takes up a large part of my summer and keeps the whole family busy going to the lake for the day here or we do multiple 4 day weekend trips for stripers in Utah.

I have to stay busy with something now or I will go crazy thinking about something several months away.

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I do love to fly fish and

I do love to fly fish and have been at it for about 15 years.  Being from central Illinois I only get to trout water so often.  I go up to Wisconsin and fish spring creeks but dont get to big water as often as I would like to.  If my wife says she has plans for a couple of days I am always looking for the next destination.  Someday I would love to hunt moose up in Canada, maybe newfoundland.  My  first choice will always be elk hunting though.  I got the bug about 19 years ago and it has taken me over.  I would sell all of my whitetail property here in Illinois to get to the mountains every year. 

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I know what you're saying, as

I know what you're saying, as once you hunt elk there's absolutely no turning back, LOL!!!

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It's reloading and scouting time

If you can't scout, do it remotely.  If you study your area enough, you'll be shocked at how well you recognize everything when you finally get there.

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Waiting Sucks

After getting all the applications done, waiting for fall sucks.  Even if I have a good idea of what tags I should draw, I wait for the results with much anticipation.  Draw results also feel like a milestone towards getting to the fall hunting seasons. 

Besides the practice and getting in shape that you didn't want to hear about, I try to read as much about hunting, shooting, and fishing as possible as a substitute drug for the real thing.  I plan on getting into reloading sometime in the future, which will largely be a winter activity, but I am not there yet.  I will go turkey hunting in a little over a month, so that takes care of Spring.  I keep telling myself that I am going to spend more time fishing, but so far, I have had horrible follow through.  I also pass the summer shooting prairie dogs a few times a month. 

All of this still does not prevent me from dwelling on the fall hunting seasons.  Cry baby

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Oh yes the waiting game. I

Oh yes the waiting game. I spend my spring and summer scouting, I can usally get out starting in march to my local hunting grounds. I might pick up a left over sping bear tag, That will run from mid April through the end of May, I also do a lot of steelhead and salmon fishing during the spring and summer. By mid June i will know what tags i drew and the ones i didnt draw, I'll get otc tags so either way i know I'm hunting. I'll get the trail cam out for its first soak towards the end of march and leave it out all year till fall rolls around, I have a few camping trips planned. I find if i sit around waiting for fall it takes forever to get here so I try to fill my time with other outdoor activities. I will also shoot my bow 5-6 times a week to stay sharpe. good luck to everyone.

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reloading is a good start

Reloading is a good start.  Go through your gear and sell what you don't use, then shop for upgrades.  Reload, shoot trap, reload for trap!  Read up on hunting.  Research the next hunt - I'm looking at Candian hunts while applying for moose tags within the lower 48 of the United States.

I've got a couple gunsmithing projects in the works.  Hunting takes priority but when my tags are filled its almost a relief to get back to all these other projects that have been on hold while I've been busy HUNTING!

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Well, turkey starts in 30

Well, turkey starts in 30 days, and goes for 7 weeks.

Plus, I have pig hunting year round, if I want to.

And then there are the tuna that should come in right about mid summer, nice 30-40 pound models.

And then, before I know it, it's Sept. 1st and the dove opener with my Dad, and the opener of Archery deer that weekend.

I think time will go just fast enough Thumbs up

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