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Planning Big Game Hunt

I have hunted Wisconsin for 30 years and I'm starting to plan a big game hunt but I don't know where to start. I'm planning a hunt for 2016 and it will be hunting with 7 other guys all of which have only hunted white tail deer.

I'm looking fo any advice to setting up a big game hunt. Since this is our first "Big Game" hunt, we are not looking for trophies. We would like to do a multi-game hunt (Mule deer, Elk). Any advice would be great

- Is it possible to do a guided hunt with 8 hunters?
- What do we need to know to start planning this hunt?
- Where should we look to hunt if we want the most success (not necessarily
- How do we find a good guide.

Any help would be much appreciated

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Welcome to BGH! You have

Welcome to BGH! You have come to the right spot for hunting information!

What state do you plan to hunt - Colorado? If so I suggest you use this link as it will take you to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife web site. It has all of the information you need.

I can't answer your question on a guide for 8 hunters but there are contacts within the site that can answer.

Since you have only hunted white tails I also suggest you read up on hunting them from this link - http://wildlife.state.co.us/Hunting/ElkHuntingUniversity/Pages/ElkHuntin...

This same web site also has a link that shows the hunt success rates by GMU.

So good luck on your planning and we look forward to your success stories with pictures!

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Welcome to the site.
finding a guide for 8 shouldn't be too much of a problem.
i would look for one that hunts private land, that will up your odds.
and you have time to apply for some pref points, that can get you into a better area too.

What State did you have in mind ?.


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Welcome to BGH. I don't know

Welcome to BGH. I don't know too much about guides other than that a combo hunt will probably be quite expensive. Unless something like a drop camp is in the plans. I know it sounds good and I don't know your friends but usually things that start out like yours have a big drop out rate as things get closer. With that out of the way, like was said with your long term plan I would definately get some preference points built up. It can really help getting a decent unit. Great ones take far longer but it will really help. Colorado or Wyoming would be my choice for states to hunt. You can apply here and get your point each year or just buy the point itself in Wyoming until your ready to apply. Unless elk is really a big focus I would look at Wyoming and a deer/antelope hunt as a higher success option. Plus with planning and the points mentioned to get a good public land unit a do it yourself hunt would be very doable. Elk are usually a lot more work. But I understand they are a dream for many and worth it.

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Welcome to the site. This

Welcome to the site. This was my first year hunting elk and I got a bunch of great advice on here. You shoul also check out the forums on elkcamp.com Many of the same type of helpful people over there as well. I say study all you can to decide how much work you want o put in and what style of hunt/camp you want and then you can decide on the state and approach. was lucky to hook up with another vet and go on a wilderness DIY hunt to an area he had hunted many years. If I would have known the unit ahead of time Icould have gotten bull, cow and deer tags without any points. It can be done. Best of luck and here is a pic of my elk this year!!

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