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Planning a Back Pack Sheep Hunt

What gear do you recommend for a Dall Sheep hunt in Alaska? I have a good list from the Proving trail adventure guys but was looking for things that are less expensive. Seems like those guys are a little more adventuresome than I am. And how far do you normally travel on foot? From what I read its possible to do 30 miles just to access the back country?

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You cannot spend enough money 0n boots

You cannot spend enough money on your boots.....Look at the lowa Tibet GTX, Han Wags and Meindle's. Put as many miles on them as you can before you leave, up hill, down hill and side hill. Push them as hard as you can before you leave to hunt. Bad feet equals a bad hunt.

Just got back from a Moose hunt in AK with a couple buddies. One of the guys had a new pair of boots that he thought were broke in. He walked on an elipitical at the gym a couple days a week for a month before we left. His feet hurt every day of the 14 day hunt. His toes on his right foot would go numb after a few hours in the boots. Turns out he did some permanent nerve damage to his foot.

You cannot spend enough money on your boots.

Please post some pics of the hunt when you get back....


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Backpack sheep gear

Think DRY, WARM, COMFORTABLE, and LIGHTWEIGHT for your boots and basically most of your gear. 

Like Rogie posted, your boots should fit well, be designed for long mountain walking, and be WELL BROKEN IN.  I used a pair of hard, climbing style boots that I had worn for years on one Bighorn sheep hunt, and I had blisters on top of blisters.   I finished the hunt in tennis shoes, and the boots went into the trash when I got home.

Lightweight tennis shoes for around camp and for crossing creeks (keeping your boots dry) is also a good idea.

A lightweight and waterproof rain jacket and pants are a must.  They should be large enough to easily fit over your other cloths.  Also a small 6'x8' plastic tarp in your daypack can make a quick, dry shelter when an afternoon rainstorm catches you with nothing but dwarf willows to hide under.

On the second leg of my Canadian Dall sheep hunt, another hunter in camp loaned me a Therm a Rest sleeping pad.  It was MUCH more comfortable than the air matress that I brought.

A small gun cleaning kit with oil can save your rifle when it gets wet.

Also on my Canadian Dall Sheep hunt, heavy rain kept us in the tent all one day, and my guide and I each read books that we each brought, then we switched and read the books the other brought.

Alaska law requires you to bring out all edible game meat.  My guide and I carried out my ram and our camp.  You'll need a strong, but lightweight backpack and frame.

Have a great hunt.


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