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Place to hunt in 2010-2011

dear all

I'll relocate soon to atlanta, from Europe, for business reasons. A passionate hunter with 15 years practice in various regions of France, I'd like to find a place within 1h drive of Atlanta to be able to practice. I'm more of a "sunday morning let's have a walk outdoor" kind of hunter and prefer to search for & shoot at small games (pheasant, rabbit, dove, partdrige, heir... or any local animal...) but still enjoy shooting a board or 1 deer in the year.
All advice & orientation much appreciated !
If by coincidence one of you plan / want to hunt in east part of france, I can give guidance.
Thanks a million

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Re: Place to hunt in 2010-2011

Welcome to BGH Nemerode.
There is a lot of land within an hours drive from Atlanta. Most of it is accessible only by joining a hunt club or leasing the hunting rights from the landowner. There are also some nice WMA's that you may check out.
I do not live around there though but my Wife has family around Atlanta and I have driven there lots of times but never hunted there.
Just ask around and I am sure there will be many who will gladly tell you where you can start looking.
Good Luck.

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