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a place to hunt

A few years ago, my buddies and I did a diy caribou hunt up on the haul road, hiking 5 miles in the sundra sucks. We were successful bagging 3 nice bulls. One of my buddies shot mr twiggy and is hoping to redeem himself in the next trip. The other three of us are hoping to go to Alaska and hunt moose or black bear. We are hoping to make it up there in 2013 for a chance to let him redeem himself on caribou while the rest of us go for moose or black bears. Are there any places that would be conducive to a diy, no bush plane$$$$, where we would have a fairlg high chance at success with both caribou and moose?

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Check out Unit 23 out of

Check out Unit 23 out of Kotzebue.  

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how is the access? Do you

how is the access? Do you think we would have pretty good odds of tagging a moose and caribou? Anything else you know about the area tht might be helpful?


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Check out the draw

Check out the draw hunts.While the odds are not great they are much better than a lot of lower 48 draw hunts. You can apply for two people at a time on a party permit draw,There are places along the road system with good game numbers where access is limited by limiting the number of permits, some of those area have all the game your looking for and more.

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