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Pistol Question

I have on loan to try out a handgun manufactured by Becheverria Eibar-Spain in .45ACP. I'm not familiar with the company, although I understand they are out of business. Does anyone have any information or experience with this pistol, it's quality, etc. I haven't taken it to the range, so it may not be to my liking, but would like some input from those familiar with it.

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Re: Pistol Question

If memory serves this was the spanish company know here as STAR. Pistols in .45acp were copies of the Colt 1911 with quility control being somewhat spotty. Some were good quality and some were not so good. I guess it depended weather it was close to 5:00 o'clock on Friday.

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Re: Pistol Question

If it is a "STAR" an old room mate of mine had one in 45 ACP. Was a great gun, shot well and never a malfunction that I can remember? The only one I ever shot.

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Re: Pistol Question

It's probabaly a heck of lot better than those "Economy" grade semi-auto pistols that Smith & Wesson was making for a while back in the '90s and upto a couple years ago. Maybe they're still making some of them. Confused

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