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Pistol for hunting

I am a bow hunter and often see deer that are out of my range. For the past several years I have been thinking of getting a scoped pistol. Either a S&W or Ruger. Out of the 2 which is more accurate and reliable? I like the looks of the Ruger more and both seem to fit my hand OK or at least the Super Black Hawk fits better with the grip being more slim but the Super Red Hawk is available with a slim grip as well in a low glare finish.
SA or DA?
Barrel length?

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Pistol for hunting

Both S&W and Ruger make good quality handguns. To say one makes a better gun than the other is just going to be an individuals preference.

Since you are putting a scope on it and just hunting with it you will not need the double action but it will not hurt anything and can be shot like a single action.

The 357 mag can kill a deer and people do just that every year. Personaly I am a fan of the 40 cals (41 and 44) they have a bit more range and punch. I would sudgest that you find try to shoot some different cals and see what you can handle in terms of recoil. If you cant handle the guns kick you are not going to be able to hit anything.

Bbl length for hunting, a min of 6 inch. 8 in would be better if you dont mind a little more gun to tote around?

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Pistol for hunting

Any of what you mentioned will perform well. And I also would tend to lean for towards the 41 mag or bigger.
Now about fit,,,,they key to success with handguns at somewhat extended ranges, is consistant grip pressure/hold. So I would go with the gun that "fits" the best. Even with a scope, if you change your grip or put gloves on, bullet impact will change with it. This is all due on how the recoil is controlled. So plan on practicing a lot.

I hunt with in more open territory, of farm lands and restored prairie lands of the midwest. So I hunt with the TC Encore all the time, with longer ranging bottle neck rounds. What I find to be one of their biggest asset is, I can whittle on the grip for a perfect fit. And I have two sets, one for barehand and one for gloved hand. I'm not sure what you are thinking of range, but sorta suspect 50-100 yds, and the revolver rounds are certainly capable of this and maybe a tad more in the right hand(s) .
This one my my deer rigs,

And a load ramp I shot with it

I hunt with this and it's bigger bother the 6.5x257 rob. air , and always shoot of of x-stix. I don't find single shots a handicap, and these afford me abit more range than what you may need.
No matter what you shoot,,just remember,,,,Consistant Grip (and practice)


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Pistol for hunting

You have received some excellent information and advice. Like Dave I too hunt with Single Shot Handguns (I have since 1982). I too like the added range a single shot handgun chambered for a rifle type cartridge offers, but the biggest thing is the level of accuracy these types of handguns are capable of with a proper rest. I too use crossed shooting sticks and or a bipod to aid in steading down my wiggles to make the shot.

I used a buddies 15" .284 Winchester T/C Encore Handgun to harvest this smaller 4x4 Whitetail Buck opening day last fall. It was one of those things, no it wasn't a big buck but more the hunt itself and the way he reacted and responded to rattling that made it memorable. The shot was 150 yards placed midway top to bottom right behind the near side shoulder as the buck posed broadside. The buck ran about 50 yards and piled up stone dead. The 140gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip hit a rib going in and a rib going out leaving a 25 cent piece sized exit hole.

I do not currently have a Hunting Revolver, but plan to fix that problem before this years deer season.

Good luck with whatever you go with.


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Pistol for hunting

Probably either will be reliable, both are good guns. I have a Super Black Hawk in 44 Mag and also a Taurus M44 in 44 Magnum. Both are very accurate and both are reliable.

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Pistol for hunting

S&W #629 .44 Magnum with a Redfield EER variable scope

(one of their older scopes)

I've been hunting with this ol' girl since 1982 and shes ALWAYS done me right! Thumbs up


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