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Pinto Ranch Exotic Hunting BOOK NOW!!!

This is a 6000 acre, high fenced family owned private ranch. Full lodging, meals and guiding. Animal skinning and processing available. The ranch is located in Ingram Texas. Super trophies are available upon request. Group discounts are available.

Guide: Sean Stowell


Axis Does 350$
Axis Bucks (30in+) 1750$
Axis Culls 650$

Auodad Ewes 300$
Auodad Rams HUGE 2750$+

Bison Bull HUGE 5000$
Bison Cow 1250$

Blackbuck Bucks 1750$
Blackbuck Does 300$

Sika Bucks 1750$
Sika does 350$

Fallow Bucks HUGE 3000$
Fallow Does 300$

Mouflon Rams HUGE 2000$
Mouflon Ewes 200$

Barasingha Bulls 4000$

Pere David Deer 6000$

Dall Rams 2000$

Black Hawaiian Rams 2000$

Hogs 400$ a day, includes meals. 2 Hogs a day and unlimited coyotes and bobcats. 2 day minimum

Booking Information:

Sean Stowell
713-304-2070 (cell) Calling Hrs: 8am to 10pm

feel free to call in for any questions or comments!

please go here for pictures!