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Pigs in Wisconsin

Does anyone have any info on hunting these?I'd really like to try this once without having to drive 500+ miles Help!

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Feral pigs in Wisconsin are

Feral pigs in Wisconsin are condered to be a non-native, exotic species that pose a significant threat to the environment and agricultural operations. They may be hunted by anyone with a valid small game license as long as they have the permission of the landowner where they intend to hunt.

Landowners may shoot feral pigs on their own property without a license.

There is no closed season and no harvest limits.

For complete information, including a full description of the animals, their habits and where they have been found, go to  http://dnr.wi.gov/org/land/wildlife/hunt/pig/pig_hunting.htm

Happy Hunting and Good Luck! Thumbs up

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Is there anyone willing to take me with him for any pig hunting?

I'd love to learn how to hunt those anymals but haven't really see them in Wisconsin. Would any one teach me where to get them? Or is there any farmer who suffers from pig population but don't want to do the job himself?

About me - I am new to hunting, but been around firearms for a while. Totally responsible guy. Also, I'm OK to just go with you to learn if you don't want me to participate in hunting and I promise I will never return to your hunting spots.

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