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pig hunting around zavalla, tx area?

I meet a man the other day from Zavalla, Tx. We talked about pig hunting down there and we exchanged numbers. He invited me down to do some pig hunting and said that they are pretty thick down there. Can anyone tell me if that area is good hunting? He said that he would not charge me anything to come down and hunt, and that if we didn't want to keep them we could just pile them up as he just wants them gone. I have never been to TX except for the airports while traveling. Any info would be great.

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I don't know the area at all

I don't know the area at all but if it's in driving distance and you can afford it I would be on the way. You only need a 45 dollar 5 day license and your good to go. From the way he talks it sounds like he really odes have a few running around and with a free offer it's worth checking out. If he has field they are tearing up make sure you have a spotlight to shoot htem at night as that's the best way to get the most of them. They don't usually move a lot during the day. If it's corn feeders for his deer that he's worried about then you'll probably just be sitting and waiting for them to come in. The night hunt with lights is the way to go though if you can.

Good luck and let us know if you make it down there.

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Yeah, as Hunter said, if you

Yeah, as Hunter said, if you can afford the $45 out of state license and tags, and the gas money, I'd be all over that.  To have the opportunity to hunt somewhere that hogs are "thick", and not have to pay anything, it does not get better.  Plus, you could end up making another hunting friend, and have a good hookup for years to come!

Jump on it!  Best of luck, and let us know if you do it!

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