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Pig Hunters

Hello. My name is Cassandra. My family and I have a proposition. We have a breed of dogs that are used in other countries to Head and Hunt wild pigs. We recently had a litter of puppies. Now the proposition. We are looking for someone that trains or has their dogs trained to hunt wild pig. The catch. We need pictures for our website and to provide to potential buyers of future litters. The dog will be at no cost to you for purchase, we only require pictures to be provided to us along the way, through the training period and after the training period in the field. We would also request for pictures of the dog with the wild pig(s) that it heads/hunts/guts. These dogs are fast and brave enough to be gutters but typically they are used to hunt and head the pigs. The breed is called a Fila Brasileiro. My email if cassandra.lucchesi@yahoo.com. Please feel free to inquire about the breed and agreement between buyer and seller of the dog. Thank you for your interest.

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Re: Pig Hunters

Where are you located?

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