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Pictures of our 1st DIY Wyo. Speed Goat hunt

Well it was all worth the hard prep work Laugh . I want to first thank all of you who responded to my emails for help before this trip Thumbs up . As most of you know if you haven't hunted in an area much less been to the state any info is better than nothing. We drew as a group and ended up in Unit 16. This is the first time for any of us to goat hunt. This trip has been a brought up in many conversations I don't know how many times. We left Ft. Worth Sat. Oct. 4th and arrived in Unit 16 on the 5th at about 9AM. We camped on BLM that I found by use of Microsoft Live Maps. It was easy as that. All water holes were mapped by the same method. We scouted the rest of Sun, and Mon. We found lots of good bucks but most were all on private land. Take this for what it's worth. Show up several days before opening day and pattern the goats you want. You could tell the hunting pressure was a key in animal behavior when we were there. We hunted from 5th - 11th. We met a land owner and his wife on our second day there. We invited them to camp for a good old Texas RIB-I Steak, sweet potato and of course lots of Shiner Bock Beer. As you must know friends were made and they let us go hunt on any of their 12,000 acres that they had in area. It also helped when we told them that we would help them round up (they call it "Gathering Cattle") 500 head of cattle that they need to ship out. We were all successful and bagged 6 bucks. After talking to the land owner he advised us that he would appreciate it if we shot several does off his land so we helped him and went to town and bought 10 doe tags. Yep we shot 10 does for him and he said he had 6 more landowner tags for 4 more does and 2 buck (Cull Bucks) He advised he wanted two cull bucks shot either real small or broken horns. We were able to shoot two bucks and 2 more does for him. There were lots of Mule deer also and he said that we could also shoot does if we wanted. One of my friends took him up on that and shot a mule deer doe. We ended up shooting a total of 21 animals in all. 8 Bucks, 12 Does, 1 Mule Deer Doe. I will give a little advice now. If you go and shoot this many you will need almost 1000 Quart of Ice Chest to bring the meat home. We had 1 - 500 Quart and 1- 270 Quart and we still used several 160 Quart Ice chest to finish the job. Let me say one thing. We went to hunt 1 buck and one Doe each. Meeting this land owner was totally unexpected. This being said when you go have a plan but be prepared to be flexible to unknown circumstances such as rounding cattle and shooting more animals than you want to clean. You never know what kind of friends you will make in the process. We woke up Friday morning to the landowner honking his horn at the front entry of the tent. He said we were more than welcome to stay until Saturday morning but if we did we would probably be staying until the following Tue. SNOW, there was 5 inches at 6AM and expected 20" by late that night. The land owner told us to pack up camp and come to his other 16,000 acre ranch south of there. He said we would be better off there. Well we did and spent the night in a nice buck house that he provided us at no charge and also feed us dinner and breakfast the next morning. Before we left Sat. Morning he and his wife invited us back next year to try our luck at Antelope, Mule Deer Buck and or Bull Elk . I don't have to say anything more. This trip was the best hunting trip that I have ever been on and Yes it even beats the week long KING RANCH trip that I took several years ago. Again I want to thank everyone who helped me and my buddies prepare for this trip. One more piece of advice. If you have a group going on a hunt spit the To Do list equal It will make it a lot less stressful for you. There were 3 of us that did most of the prep work. Next year everyone WILL help. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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Pictures of our 1st DIY Wyo. Speed Goat hunt

Excellent! Thumbs up Thank you for sharing your hunt with us. Sounds like you guys did extremely well and might have made some friends for life. Congrats on all of the meat and horns.

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Pictures of our 1st DIY Wyo. Speed Goat hunt

BoogerB1, congrats to you and your group! You all did super! Thumbs up

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Pictures of our 1st DIY Wyo. Speed Goat hunt

Nice goats!..Its always nicer puttin an animal down on a DIY hunt..I just got back from SD on a DIY hunt and took some awesome goats..Check em out on the SD Speed Goats post..You guys took some good goats too..CONGRATS!

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Pictures of our 1st DIY Wyo. Speed Goat hunt

Glad you had a good time & thanks for the great pictures too.

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Pictures of our 1st DIY Wyo. Speed Goat hunt

nice bucks, good job Thumbs up

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