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Pic's from todays video footage

Dans ultimate snow camo LOL

Noon today...

I found it interesting that this deer bedded right in this spot almost within bow rang of a tower stand... I filmed her until she bedded and slipped down out of site.

Feeding on alfalpha...

Now here is a very interesting white buck I have been watching since he was a fawn.
He lives on a freinds farm that I hunt, and proves to me how elusive these bucks can be. I have seen him once or twice a year since he was a fawn. Never more than twice in the same year...This is the 1st time I have captured him on film. He was a spike at age 1 1/2... He was a 120 class 10 point at 2 1/2.. In this picture he is 3 1/2 and this is the 1st time I have seen him all season... He has already shed his antlers, along with one of the other younger bucks that is with him, there is a
2 1/2 year old farther right of him and the other shed buck that still has his antlers, but this has been typical of the bucks I have been seeing around S.E. Wisc. about 2 out of 3 have already shed.

Here is the one that still has antlers:

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Pic's from todays video footage

Good Pics! Funny how that white buck can be so elusive, makes you realize how hard it can be to find the camo variety.

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Pic's from todays video footage

Thanks for sharing those pics with us. At this stage in the ball game, this is about the only way I'll get to see any deer, so thanks!!