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Pics of buck shedding from start to finish

Here are 3 pics of a buck shedding.
1. Look close at left front beam, just starting to peal off velvet.
2. He returns with a blood coated rack.
3. He is all cleaned up and ready to impress the ladies.

Pics were all within 24 hrs.
Be sure to click on pics for a better view.

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Pics of buck shedding from start to finish

Very cool Thumbs up

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Pics of buck shedding from start to finish

Cool pics.

That other buck in the second picture is really wide. 8 point?

Very nice. Yes

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Pics of buck shedding from start to finish

Awesome! I like the way his left main beam sweeps down at the tip. It adds some nice character.

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The buck in the background of the second picture is very wide. Pretty neat pictures its amazing how fast they get the velvet off.

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