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Pics of bows ready to hunt

nail - I'm not 100% sure but I think they are slightly different. I know my bow is about 8-9 years old. The only bow i've ever owned and it's performed great, but I'd like to try out something newer maybe in the near future or maybe even give the recurve a try.

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bow pics

Redrider , The reason I asked is that the cams are the same as my son's His is quite old to I'm not exactly sure how old but he has great luck with his to Bad on thr bunnies last winter .He hasn't used it for deer in a long time .He's going to hunt deer this year I think the rabbits sparked the insentive to go for the deer

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Pics of bows ready to hunt

Hey redrider,

Dont call that thing a clinker!

I have a bow mead in 81 that does not even have cams.

I killed over 20 deer with that bow.

New and fast does not mean you cant kill deer with a bow!

For decades there was a lot of deer and good bucks killed with bows that would not make 180 fps!

Yours still looks like it can get the job done!

Good set up!

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Pics of bows ready to hunt

Kodiak KO32
Micro Adjust Quick Click Sight
Cavalier fall away rest
Alpine quiver
Radial weave carbon arrows tipped with Wac 'em tritons.

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