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PETA translation causes sniggers

The ingredients you mention also provide a renewable source of energy that could potentially reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. I've been in a hunt camp or two that could've put OPEC out of business.

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PETA translation causes sniggers

Yeah but who eats what is good for you at a hunt camp, I mean it is the only place where you eat what is just plain good, my friends act like kids, eating snacks and such that the "wife" would not let them pig out on at home.Grin

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PETA translation causes sniggers

I'm pretty sure the carnot efficiency of that process would be pretty low. Wink

sun + co2 -> rice + beans + men -> farts + ignition -> co2 and h2o + energy -> repeat...

definitely renewable though and produces clean burning results. maybe we can sell this plan to the bush administration as an alternative to the hydrogen economy.

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