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Peta owning land in Moffat County, CO??

Hi all! 

My wife completed her Hunter Safety at the Denver Fish and Game office a couple of weeks ago and while she was there one of the officers told her about PETA owning land in Moffat County and all they do is try to get hunters in trouble while they are hunting. Does anyone know anything about this? I lived in Craig for 3 years and hunted all around there and I never heard about this. What do you guys or gals think and/or know about this?

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Never heard of it

Wouldn't surprise me if it was a different group that was actually in the land business, but PETA seems like an odd group to be doing that

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Me either

Yea, I don't know. It just seemed odd to me. The officer told her about it when they were discussing trespassing laws, and gave that land mentioned as an example and said it happens every year when the CDW gets calls about people trespassing and it turns out that the people reported were never even close to that land.

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