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PETA needs our help!

Go here to sign the petition to remove PETA's tax exempt status.


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PETA needs our help!

Thanks for posting this, I hope every one that read this post went to the listed site and passed this on to every one you can think of. Might be a good idea to send this to any other hunting, fishing forums you belong to. PETA is a group of terrorist that do need to be put out of work. I will be attaching this link to every email I send out.
PETA and other animal rights groups are stong because very few people stand up to these dumb #$%'s. If this is a possible way to put a wedge in their activity then I say move on it and become a major problem for PETA and their friends.
I belong to PETA, that is "People for Eating Tasty Animals"

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PETA needs our help!

wetlandrat peta has still or i havent heard what they were going to do to them for all the puppys they gased.But if this human i kiss your back side . coyotedube@yahoo.com

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