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Pet Fish

A fisherman is standing beside a small lake when the local game warden comes up to check him out.

"I see that you have a pail there, mind if I look inside?", says the warden.

"Oh, sure - go right ahead", says the fisherman - "those are my pet fish."

As the game warden bends over the pail, he says, "They look like undersized bass to me; what are you doing with undersized bass in your possession?"

"Well", says the fisherman, "I bring them down here to the lake everyday to let them get some exercise. I don't have a very large aquarium at home, and they're kinda cramped in there. I just dump them in the lake, and after they've swam around for a while, I whistle and they came back to the pail."

"Now I've heard it all!" said the warden. "I'd like to see that!"

So the fisherman gently dumped the fish at the edge of the pond and the fish swam out into the deeper water.

After a few minutes, the game warden said, "OK, now let's see you call those fish back."

"What fish?" said the fisherman.


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