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Pentax Riflescope Sale

Pentax Riflescope Sale

I am leaving for SHOT this weekend and need to tie up loose ends before I go. I just went into the warehouse area and took inventory of the misc. show units and samples from 2009 (some are misboxed). I need to clean house in order to bring in more.
Here is a list of Pentax riflescopes that we have ones and twos of and the prices are super low. All are optically and functionally perfect. Some have been mounted, but no horrible ring marks. Please call Doug or Neil to place an order to get it for these prices.

Gameseeker Series - Your Choice $49.99 Each:
#89715 1.5-6x40mm
#89716 2.5-10x56mm
#89711 3-9x40mm & #89719 3-9x40mm Plex
#89712 4-12x40mm
#89707 6x42mm

Lightseeker XL Series - Your Choice $179.99 Each
#89616 3-9x43mm (P)
#89619 4-16x44mm (BP)
#89618 3-9x50mm (BP)
#89508 2.5x25mm Deep Woods Plex only $99.99
#89559 3-9x50mm (BP)

Lightseeker SL Series - $179.99
#89561 3-9x32mm (BP)

WhiteTails Unlimited - Your Choice $149.99
#89556 3-9x40mm in Break-Up Camo Twilight Plex
#89554 4.5-14x40mm Twilight Plex

Please feel free to call with any questions.