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Pentax Binocular Information

Take a look at this Pentax Informative Link to learn more about the Pentax Papilio and their binoculars in general.

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I  am about as near sited as a guy can be, and the last few years I am loosing both near and far site.

Everytime I pick up a pair of binoculars I have to close one eye, and if I can independantly focus one side I have to change that focus each time I look at a different distance.

I did how ever stumble across this one pair that automatically focuses.

Would yall know what might be different or what I might look for. Help!

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There are two focus rings on

There are two focus rings on a binocular and it sounds like you are trying to use just one of them. The first one that should be adjusted is the diopter adjustment ring. It is usually on the right ocular lens but can be part of the center focus ring. To adjust this one close your left eye and while looking through the right ocular lens at a distant object turn the adjustment until the object is sharp and clear. Then either lock it in place or leave it alone. From then on all you should need to adjust is the center focusing ring.

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