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Pentax Binocular Blowout

Pentax Binocular Blowout

OK, I just got in a shipment from Pentax with binoculars. I am going to blow these out at crazy low pricing for as long as they last.
Here's the deal...Full warranty. Some were other dealers overstock stock balance returns, some are trade show display pieces, all are like new condition. For the most part if I didn't mention otherwise you couldn't tell these from new.
#62616 10x43 DCF SP $349.99 - Sold Out
#62617 10x50 DCF SP $399.99
#62619 8x32 DCF SP $299.99
#62615 8x43 DCF SP $339.99 - Sold Out
#65808 10x50 PCF WP II $99.99
#65810 20x60 PCF WP II $149.99
#65804 12x50 PCF WP $69.99
#65793WU 16x50 WU XCF $64.99

Please feel free to call us or visit our website to place an order. We will fill orders in the order they come in until we run out of stock of these.

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