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Pennsylvania Proposes to Increase License Fees

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Pennsylvania Proposes to Increase License Fees

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Pennsylvania Proposes to Increase License Fees

This bill has about as much chance of passing as I do jumping over the moon! The Pa Legislation will not give the PGC the much need rate hikes as long as they continue to underperform on the one animal management issue most Pa hunters are concerned with...DEER.
Legislators whose constiuents suffer thru low deer herd numbers that drstically effect the area's economy would soon find themselves out of a job come election time if they support this bill!!

Does the PGC need a rate hike...yes they do. Will they get it...#1 not until they allow deer numbers to rebound #2 Not unless they recant their original statement that 90% of any rate hike would go towards "Administrative fee" rater than habitat improvement.

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