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Pellet Rifle Help

Hey guys, This is my first post, so go easy.

I've decided that I would like to start squirel and pidgeon hunting, and I'd also like to get rid of the skunks giving my dog a hard time. Shame on You!

Anyways, I've heard that gamo was a great company for pellet guns, so I took a look at what they had.

First rifle that caught my eye was this:

Now I'm thinking the scope might be a little overkill? I mean my Leupold for my 30-06 is a 3.5-10x50

So, if you guys think it is overkill, how would this be?

Then I saw this...


First off what are the pressure cables? What do they do? Think

Second, is this gun just flashy with the lights and lasers, etc., and has no quality to back it up? It's very cheap so I'm thinking it might be made to look flashy but have no quality performance...? Confused

So what do you guys think would be the best pick?

I don't know what to get, so just help me out guys. By the way, I'm getting the gun from here: http://www.airgundepot.com

PS: Who makes the best .177 ammo? And what shape ammo should I get?

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Pellet Rifle Help

i have a gamo pellet rifle in .177 caliber. its a great gun. im not exactly sure on the make or model but it is the kind that is a 1 time break action pump that travels 1000ft/s, maybe a Hunter 220. you cannot use a regular deer rifle scope for the gun because the recoil is different. BSA makes a very good pellet rifle scope. as for ammunition...whatever wal-mart carries usually works for me. Ive had my gun for probably five years and it has been through hell but still shoots straight. This gun is great for all small game in my area (squirrels, rabbits, racoons, dove, crows).hope this helps.

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Pellet Rifle Help

I own a pellet gun that i bought from airgun depot. I bought the tech force 99 with no scope and it is in .22 caliber and goes 900fps, its a great gun ive talkin many rabbits and squirrals with it. this gun was 175$ But if you want a awsome pellet gun that can go 1600fps get the gamo hunter extreme in .177. For .177 get the gamo raptor pellets for sure. and for .22 get the RWS superpoint pellets. good luck

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Pellet Rifle Help

I'd get a nice powerfull crack in the .177