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Pearl River to Pascagoula River, Mississippi coast

I used to hunt along the Mississippi Gulf Coast before " the storm". I havent been back since. has anyone been in Pearl River, Red Creek, Ward Bayou or Pascagoula River? how did the hardwood hammocks do? Are the areas as good as they used to be? How much damage to the areas and how has the hunting been if any at all?

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Pearl River to Pascagoula River, Mississippi coast

I didn't hunt turkey hunt here since the storm but in many places it was pretty tough by the reports. Some did have pretty good turkey seasons but most of the really good reports came from well off the coast and it was even better on the west side of northern MS. Everywhere I have been has tons of trees down and really hard to get around in and they are now just getting started cutting the trails out in the NTL Forests.

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