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PCS'ing to JBLM

I am moving to WA early Feb. I've been reading the hunting regs on line etc. Sounds like a ton of regs. Between all the different permits etc is it worth even getting into hunting up there unless you have someone that can show you the ropes up there? I mostly duck hunt down here in NC and regs down here are way less complicated. Any pointers on what i would want to get into hunting wise up there? Input in any form would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't ever give up hunting!

It's not that hard, you're smart enough to read, you'll figure it out.  You'll also figure out that western states micromanage a lot more than eastern states, partly as a game popluation management issue, partly as a people management issue.  Just gotta figure out either where you want to hunt, and what rules apply there, or conversely, which seasons you want to take advantage of, and where those seasons take place.

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Funny that comes up. The

Funny that comes up. The western states micro manage a whole lot more and the eastern states have more game! What's the limit on deer down there? 

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I hear you there Don. Well

I hear you there Don. Well pretty much for a unified sportsmans license here in NC you pay about $65 a year then $15 for your federal duck stamp and that includes your fresh/saltwater fishing, upland game, big game with 5 deer tags, 2 spring turkey tags, and i think a bear tag. Plus you can enter for different drawings so me and the wife put in and both got drawn for swan permits. 

I wasn't talking about not hunting but with all the different things going on up there i was just going to to get the tags that i'd like to hunt and then if it's too crazy with the military work schedule/ find someone to get together with up there to actually go out into the woods with maybe just hunt the tags with a outfitter or something along those lines. But definitely would love to go out and get my hunting in since i'll be like a crackhead on withdrawals by the time fall hits. So any takers i'm more than happy to share, also if anyone wants to do some fishing i got my own boat so that would be a option too. 

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Deck, I was at Lewis from

Deck, I was at Lewis from 2000-2003 and can tell you a couple of things about base specifically.  First it was easier to hunt there than Bragg or Carson(where I am now).  Next, Blacktails are a skiddish lot and even smaller than NC deer.  Finally, I would tell you that I hunted everyday of gun season for my first hunting season.  I saw deer everyday and they followed a pretty predictable pattern.  They moved up to high ground for bedding in the morning moving from food and water to the real thick stuff.  In the evening they moved down from the beds to the food and water sources.  I saw probably 50-60 deer over the season but not one buck :(  It was buck only and I believe 3pts per side or better.  BT bucks are a tough hunt.  I hunted a two year old clear cut that had forage coming up.  The woods are SUPER thick.  I would also suggest that you get a bear tag as well as they are plentiful.  You can't use bait or dogs but you have a good chance of one walking in front of you.  Off post, you can be inot all kinds of wilderness in under an hour.  If you have never been in the "Big Woods" and mountains take it seriously and find a mentor.  Lots of opportunity, good luck.

If you have any other questions let me know, SFC B

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