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Patti's 08 hunt

Patti's great 08 breaks deer/antelope hunt

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Patti's 08 hunt

Good job on the season Ma'am!!

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Patti's 08 hunt

Great Job!!!

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From the fact that your

From the fact that your profile show that you are from Montana, I did a search for 'Montana breaks' and came up with the Missouri Breaks in Montana. I had not heard of this area before, but from the pictures I found, it's beautiful!

 What a great looking place to hunt. Some of the scenery is stunning. I'm afraid that if I were hunting there, I'd be taking pictures the whole time and not see the game I was after. Yes

Those are a couple of great looking animals Patti has there. It would be nice to know a little more of the story behind them. Perhaps you could post a story in the photos and stories scetion and share the hunt with us.

Thanks for the pictures. Thumbs up


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Those are 2 very nice

Those are 2 very nice animals, as stated before Would love to hear the staory as well.

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Some great looking animals

Some great looking animals there...congrats to the both of you.

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Nice job,

Nice job, congrats!

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