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pasayten wilderness

I am going in the pasayten for mulies for the first time, any advice on strategies or locations, im not asking your familys traditional spot but if you could tell me, go in on blank trail that would be great!

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pasayten wilderness

Are you planning to hike in or use horses?  As you probably know, it's big and rough country, so packing in & out on foot will be a job.  I went in a few years ago with an outfitter on horses and hunted around Tatoosh Buttes--about 27 miles from the Billy Goat trailhead on 8-mile Road.  I shot a decent 3x2, but I was lucky even see anything.  I don't know about 2010, but there haven't been many deer seen and shot in recent years according to guides and hunters I've talked to.  You also want to be aware that the outfitters have the areas kind of divided up with their spike camps and main camps, so you'll probably want to avoid them if possible--not all of them are "nice".  One last thing, if you're going in during the early high buck season, the weather is unpredictable.  It was really warm when I got my buck and most of the meat was spoiled by the time I got it out.  It's beautiful country though, so good luck & have fun!

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