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Pasayten Wilderness?

I'm in Canada and have been hunting only twice on the Canadian side of the Pasayten.

How close to the border have you hunted? What was it like?

I'm thinking of going to have a look there later this month. I figure two years after the forest fire the browse should be awesome with a relative boom in deer.

I've got a limited entry mule deer doe permit too valid Oct. 21 to 31, so if there's any deer down that way at all I may just get lucky.

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Border hunting

Do you ever hunt near lake osoyoos? i hunt on the american side of the border on kruger mtn and there is some huge mulies there, ive hunted close enough to spit over the fence! haha

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burn area

by the way ive been to the burn area, never hunted it but have seen pictures of huge bucks from right down in the burned mess.

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i havn't hunted the pasayten,

i havn't hunted the pasayten, but have hunted similar burn areas and have found fewer amounts of wildlife and smaller more immature animals the first year, and then completely the opposit the second. i have witnessed this several times over the years. i'm sure that there still will be some big boys hanging around, but once the grass comes back the second year, i think that's when the area starts becoming really healthy again.

out here, i also don't see any predators using the burn area. i think it will take some time for them to come back. i've tried hard to find bears in old burn areas, with no luck and i don't see coyotes using them for a while either.

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