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I Like Her

I like her politics, her family values, her sense of humor and the way she wants to get big government out of the way and let the states and the people rule.

Other than that, there's not much I like about her. Big smile

Oh yeah - she likes to hunt and fish as well - what can I say?


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In addition to that!

You forgot to add, she's hot!!!

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Oh yeh

BunnySlayer wrote:

You forgot to add, she's hot!!!

Yeah she is.  I just can't stand the northern accent for more than a minute at any one time.  If she were to become president her voice would annoy me more than GW Bush's did.

I had missed most of her TV show, but caught a few episodes the last few days on TCL.  I'm just not into watching about people's personal lives on TV.  It's just not my thing.  I do think her show is very different and enjoyable compared to all the reality TV junk out there.  I like it.  It's pretty down to Earth and her family seems very well balanced and normal.  In fact they remind me so much of my family when I was growning up, except for all the field trips of course.  The more I watch it the more I like it. 

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Yes, the accent is a little irritating.  But it's genuine.  I'll take corny and genuine over polished and fake any day.

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