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okay 700 a person i got it

okay 700 a person i got it now...so ya im paying 600 a guy and we are going in about 10 miles also... so we are about the same deal! everyone be safe on those horses...

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pretty much

Yea its pretty much an unguided drop hunt. I still think $700 is a deal with the storage, gear haul in and out, and meat pick up. sure beats dropping an elk 13 miles back and having to make 4 or so trips just to get the meat out plus another trip for gear. thats a lot of walking. I just have to book them by march so i have some time to finalize my plans. I have been thinking about going to a different area. we'll see what happens. good luck to you and be safe.

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Thanks, I'll have to check Google.  I never even thought of that.  If anyone knows of anyone off the top of their heads around the craig area send me the info.  I don't think we'll need anyone on Serviceberry because it'll be all downhill back to the truck but when we get up into Routt it could be a different story depending on where the elk goes down.

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Good luck on your hunt!

I think you’re already on the right track by planning this far in advance. I have offered my help to several new hunters that hunt (California mule deer) in the same areas that I do because they have asked very similar questions in advance! Conversely, I also have helped a few people field dress their kills in the field after I stumbled on them and found out that they didn’t know what to do after they filled their tag out Confused . There are more people than you can imagine that plan almost everything except what to do after the hunt. Good on you! And, more importantly, GOOD LUCK ON YOUR HUNT!!!


And yes, Google can be your best friend!

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Every year there is a sign

Every year there is a sign set up on the forest road leading up to where we hunt. I have talked to guys that have used this service and most of them were pretty happy with it. I'm pretty sure it was in the $200 range. You will have to drive down to get cell service though. The big problem with this specific guy is that because he has his advertisement up in about the best place possible, the wait list for him can be pretty bad. There are guys who will let their animal sit and wait for this guy to become available. Meanwhile there meat is spoiling or getting picked apart by the coyotes. And I'm pretty sure that if he goes in with his mules, you will be paying regardless of if the meat has been scavenged. I would definitely take other's advice and pick up some numbers of a couple different guys while you're in town.

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$700 to pack out an elk? Holy

$700 to pack out an elk? Holy jumpin. I've seen guys do it for $50 and a half gallon of whiskey.

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