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Pack Stock

The best way to pack with a goat or a Llama is to quarter it like an elk. in my opinion these are just range maggots.

I am a Cowboy as my "day" job and hunter when I get the chance. I would get yourself one good riding horse and a mule that you can ride if need be and then a good pack mule. Haul in some certified feed pellets and you should be fine.

Just my two cents take it for what you paid.

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goats or mules

my 2...
I've packed mules and used horses....don't know about lamas. ...
then I found those other things.. don't remember where I misplaced the maps to the gates, feed stores, cash machines, heavy truck sales, horse shoer's , vets, gas pumps, ect, ect. Here on the Az. desert its possible to get by with a Cabelas 2# ultralight pack cot and sleep in your cloths covering yourself with your altralight poncho ...for most of the year. But its nice to have a little xtra water and something to keep watch over you as you snore. I'm lucky enough not to get much to have to pack home.
I think its about 14 yrs since my last mule died. He was one those one of kind guys but he has been replaced.They grow on you like and old hound only more fun..well past 70 now and still making memories with those other things and the 12+mi (24r/t) trips. justapacking

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Pack Stock

I saw a 16 year old girl pull into a trail head in the Popo Aggie Wilderness one summer, She unloaded 14 of those "Other Things" and put a 40lb pack on each one and off she went, They followed her like the Pied Piper. No lead ropes, no pack train. Just free roaming goats following her.

I asked how she got them across the river. ( it was raging high enough we had to tow a couple of Llama across one crossing because they were getting washed away) She said they hate water, but hate even more getting left behind, So they will rock hop across the river or cross on a fallen log.

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Pack Stock

being new to elk hunting and colo i was wondering if anyone knew of horse rentals or packers around area 62 we packed out 2 different elk with frame packs last week and have more hunts planned in the area next year depending upon cost renting horses or the services of a packer might not be a bad idea

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Pack Stock

Sombrero Ranches covers most of the state. They do drop offs in most of the popular units, I'd be surprised if they weren't in the most heavily hunted unit in the state.

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Those "Other Things"

I guess it depends on where you are and what you need hauled in. I am a horse person, so generally plan our hunts where we can take our horses in. I always bring along two extras, one for packing, and a young one for the experience. It is usually great fun - but I think it is a lot of work, and you have to like the beasts to enjoy it.

I have to agree, if you aren't in it for at least a few rides a month, the horses will seem like a money pit. A truck that can haul a trailer, insurance, tires, water, feed, dewormer, shots, shoes, grooming supplies and tack - but well worth it if you like a nuzzle in the morning when you go out to feed, I love the smell of a horses neck under the mane - not tail ! Anyway, They need exercise and you need to ride to be balanced and comfortable with all the extra gear you need for hunting.

There are the few horses (usually old ones or cold blood crosses) that can be ridden a few times a year and are just like you left them, but throughout my lifetime, I have owned 30 or better, and that disposition is rare!

This year, call me crazy, but I bought a couple weathers - that is a male goat that has been cut. These are a dairy breed, and grow to be about 3.5 feet tall at the withers. I got them with the intention of packing them, for those places it is hard to get a horse into- as I love to fish, and it can be hard to get a horse into some good spots. They are so much fun, smarter than you think, and loyal buggers! I get a kick out of them - they are just happy to see you and love to get out. Mine are young - only about 7 months old - but I am starting to tie stuff on them and have them pull things around and follow me. They get distracted easily now, like...ohhh a shinny thing... and wander away while they are supposed to be following me with feed for the other animals, but I think that is like any kid. It's an adventure - and I'm anxious to try them out.

* If you want less of a training adventure and more of a hunt, Sombero Ranches have excellent - well broke - seasoned mounts. I have ridden several of them and bought a couple for my sons at auction.

It's a great debate...Let us know what you decide.

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