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PA First day hunt

Hey guys i was hunting the first day of the pa archery season. I was hunting from a blind, because i have a broken leg. I got into the woods about 5;30 it was dark for about an hour before it got light. I saw no deer and was getting bored when all of a sudden i hear crashing and a deer sprints straight by me. I called my dad and asked him if he had shot a deer and he told me no and he was up at the house and he just watched a huge buck trought by like 1 min earlier and it must have been the same deer. My dad couldnt shoot cause his bow was acting up. But that deer ran from accross the street through the yard and about 300 yrds down into the woods past me plus however far it went passed me i dont see why this deer would be running so far. Why would he run that far and not stop. Well anyway for the rest of the morning Right after the first buck passed my dad said that a six point just came from the same spot and was heading the same way but this deer was just walking about 5-6 mins after he told me that the 6 point came from the same spot the big buck did. He was walking so i pulled back my bow and he bolted i was mad cause my dad told me it was a pretty nice deer and indeed it was. Hunting from blinds is so much different than from treestands. i hate it lol but i cant hunt from treestands until the end of october.

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PA First day hunt

Sounds like a good day to me.

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PA First day hunt

You saw more than I did today, it was our opener also. 90+ degrees and saw 1 doe and 2 turkeys, but man was it good to be out there Big smile

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