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The overlooked points of the 300 and 325 wsm's

now we are going to compare apples to oranges, and Field & Stream is hardly the place to get your info,
the short mags combine to make a shorter lighter handier rifle,
the Jarret will not be bought by the average shooter thats like comparing the Lazzoroni rounds to the 30-06.
Choices are wonderful and I for one am glad we have so many, they are designed to almost duplicate their bigger brothers, their just an alternative to the bigger bullets. Thumbs up

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The overlooked points of the 300 and 325 wsm's

I really don't think anybody called anything a technological marvel, just something different and a certain improvement for those who like those sort of conveniences. Remember, at one time the 270 was considered one of these improvements or conveniences, whichever you want to call it. Go back further and the 30.06 was one of them too. None of them were a technological marvel, just a change, and those who wanted them bought them.

And believe it or not, just like when the 30.06 or 270 came out, nobody tried to pass a law that says you have to buy one - everyone still has a choice. It's just those that have actually tried the things and who have hunted in a lot of rugged terrain tend to really like them - that's all. It's certainly nothing to get worked up about and to start flaming other people's opinions on what is supposed to be a "sportsman's" forum. In other words, sportsmanlike conduct is what a lot of people like about this forum - not negative, frothing-at-the-mouth rude and uninformed interruptions of discussions.

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The overlooked points of the 300 and 325 wsm's

Bringing this back on line.

In the last four years of shooting the 300 short mag. The key offerings have been.

All things inclusive in one rifle

Short, light and easily handled and carried. 2" shorter and 1 1/2 lbs lighter than my 30-06. 4" shorter and 3 lbs lighter than my 300wm was.
Recoil is not noticeably harder than my 30-06. More of a push than a jolt and substantially less than my 300wm was. In a ready to hunt rifle.
Can be loaded to near 300wm performance with less powder usage, with bullets up to 180grs. My max PBR is 20 yds less than the 300wm was and 30 yds more than my 30-06 is with 180gr bullets. If larger bullets are desired. Then the longer, larger capacity of the belted and rum cases perform with better ballistics but it will still deliver the heavy bullets better than the 30-06.

All and all. I'm very pleased with the performance I'm getting.

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The overlooked points of the 300 and 325 wsm's

I think the 300 WSM is an excellent round. My brother has one in a m70 stalker and it is great for the weight of the rifle. Does it do anything new that the old rounds do... probably not but neither do the 308 win, the 300 WM, the 300 weatherby, the 300 RUM, etc., etc.,etc. The great thing is it gives us choices but with the many calibers out there now there is always a judgement call on any cartridge choice. Long-term viability has nothing to do with usefulness and everything to do with marketing.

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