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Over-Hunting a Private Ranch?

I'm setting up a guide service at ranch.  The ranch is large in total but the land with the hogs is a few miles with a river.   The other day I had some college buddies do a "test hunt" and each of them got a hog.  I want to start a business but I don't want the land over-hunted.  Can someone please comment with a rough ballpark of how many hunters I can bring through here?  A large group of 10 hunters once a month?  A group of 3-4 hunters every weekend?  More?  Less?  Even general vague advice will help.


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Welcome to the site!  Always

Welcome to the site!  Always good to have another Californian on here, even though I don't like to claim that I am one.... lol

What part of "central" are you in?  Paso Robles, San Luis Obisbo, etc., or more inland?  Some great hunting around there.

If you ever need someone else to "test hunt", let me know.  Still looking for my first hog..... Wink

Again, welcome, and I hope you get some answers.

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Get in touch with your local

Get in touch with your local Game and Fish people.  They are trained biologist that may be able to help you with not only the number of pigs that you can shoot but other things as well. 

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Depends on how many animals you have on site and what their range is.... Getting professional advice is probably good advice.

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