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Outfitters in the Midwest?

I'm looking for recommendations on reasonalby priced outfitters in the midwest or western usa. Thanks in advance for any info.

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mid west outfitters

depends on what you are hunting and what you think is reasonable. that being said brokenarrowoufitters hunts deer and turkeys in NE & KS. 1 bird in NE is about $950. i hunted there in may 2009 with friend and we got 4 birds. they have rights to big ranches with lots of game. saw hundreds of turkeys [mirriams] in 2 days
and these birds are lightly hunted. saw a lot of whitetails and mulies also but of course did not hunt them. the price is higher. close to 3 grand unless bow hunting then about 2 grand. bullseye outfitters's Russ Walker is a broker for these guys. there is a website for bullseye.

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Re: Outfitters in the Midwest?

Feel free to visit http://www.huntsd.net

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Re: Outfitters in the Midwest?

You may check http://www.huntingks.com. We have lots of good ground in Kansas and we work hard to make your hunt the best it can be.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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Re: Outfitters in the Midwest?

Check out http://www.swainfarmsoutfitting.com

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Re: Outfitters in the Midwest?

Check us out at http://www.huntnorthbridge.com


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