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Outfitter review/comments

Have booked a hog hunt in St. George, SC with Deerfield Plantation. Taking 9 yr. old son along for hunt.

Any comments about outfitter and/or experiences would be appreciated.

How are the stands? How far are the shots? How many hogs harvested? How many hogs sighted? How big are hogs? How were accomodations? Etc.

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Outfitter review/comments

Everyone I know thats hunted hog in SC has came back with at least one hog...They have a serious abundance of them there so you and your son should be well pleased....Deerfield has a very good reputation...I havent hunted there...They have free range hunts and I do believe they have an exotics side as well but Im not sure. Good luck and GOOD GOING on taking your son hunting!!

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