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Outfitter needed for Maine Black Bear

Hello all,
I'm looking to go on my first black bear hunt in 2009. I've narrowed the choices to Maine and Ontario. I was wondering if anyone on this forum could recommend a good guide, in either location? There are plenty of them online, but I was hoping to find some objective first hand knowledge on here. Obviously, I am also interested in any "stay away fom them" advice as well.
I plan on hunting with a rifle. I'm open to either spring or fall hunts, but prefer the fall. I grew up in Michigan and have been away from Autumn in the hardwooods for far too long. I'm looking for an all inclusive hunt, over bait. I am planning on spending a week. I may or may not have one other hunter join me. I would be willing to spend up to $2500 for the hunt. I'd be willing to go a bit higher if I could do a combination hunt with a whitetail or an "exotic," but my major goal is a decent 5 1/2 foot or greater boar.

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Outfitter needed for Maine Black Bear

I hunted with Denny of Crooked Tree Outfitters in Maine. His hunters routinely go 100% on bear in Maine. It wont cost you that much either.

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Outfitter needed for Maine Black Bear

I hunted with Riverbend Guide Service and I don't think you could find a better guide. Dave is a great guide and puts in many hours so that you will have a great hunt. I will always use Riverbend Guide Service any time I hunt in Maine.

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Outfitter needed for Maine Black Bear

I have hunted with Zaverucha outfitters in Ontario Canada, it is a great place with a lot of bear. The owner and guide Ed Zaverucha is a great guy, I highly recommend if you go to Canada.

I have been to Maine 3 times and scored 2 times with Stoney brook outfitters. Another great place.

This year I am going to a new place in Maine, Wild County Outfitters. I have some great references on the place, and it seems like a real good place to go. I have had several conversations with the owner and a lot of e-mails from him. Very nice guy. I will have more information after August, that is when I am going for my bear hunt with Wild County Outfitters .

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Maine hunting guide

My name is Scott York I own Spuce mountain guide service in strong Maine,my website is http://www.sprucemountainhunting.com, give me a call if i can be of service.

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Outfitter needed for Maine Black Bear

Would highly recommend God's Country Guide service, great folk, great place and very high success rate! (207) 965-8139

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