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Out of state boar hunting

I would like to try boar hunting, but here in Utah that's just not an option. I would like to know which states have good hunting, on public land, and any other tips you could give someone knew to boar hunting.

Right know I'm leaning towards CA.


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Out of state boar hunting

email me we have alot of place that let our kids hunt pigs in texas .............................My Name Is John Mozingo. I am With the United Special Sportsmen Alliance (U.S.S.A.) Our non-profit organization coordinates Hunting and Fishing Trips for Disabled and Terminally Ill kids all over the United States. We’ve coordinated approximately 40 trips over the last year and seven already this year at little or no cost to the participant. A parent, family member, guardian or caretaker is always welcome and encouraged to participate. All of our hunting and fishing trips are donated by independent landowners, game ranchers, large and small guide outfitters and many caring individuals like yourself. To date our hunts have been quite varied: Bear, Hog, Turkey, Deer, Elk and Bison, we welcome all types of hunting and fishing experiences. We have 3 guided bear hunts lined up this fall. Two individuals are in wheel chairs, one is recovering from a lung transplant. We’ve coordinated 10 deer hunts all ready this year and have many more to work on for this fall. We’re getting more donations everyday and try to match them up to special kids as quickly as we can. We need your help recruiting more terminally ill or disabled kids that would be interested in a trip of this kind. We put trips on all around the US. Feel free to check us out at http://www.deerfood.com/Elizabeth%20hunt.htm Thanks for your time. If you can help by donating in any way fishing trips- hunting. or by referring kids, it would be most helpful.

Brigid O’Donaghue, President of USSA has been helping kids for three years. Before I jumped on board about a year ago, Brigid had been working on her own with private donations and a lot of her own monies to help these special kids. In the last year we have grown more than we ever imagined. We're now registered as non profit, incorporated in Wisconsin. Our major sponsors are-Northland Cranberries-And the Safari Clubs of Kansas-Minnesota-Missouri-And International- Buckmasters- and BassPro . We are associated with a lot of other organizations assisting the disabled and receive a lot of private donations of items from different companies. I’m enclosing a packet listing many of the items and supporters. We are building a new web site just for United Special Sportsmen Alliance, Inc. it will be up soon. Sorry for having to go to the other site. Didn't think we would grow like we have. We have a lot of people who donate hunts for the kids. Private and fully guided from all over. We have Been Featured in Boar Hunting Magazine-Texas Trophy Magazine-Bear Hunting Magazine-and several Newspapers. We have been televised on the Outdoor Channel and have more scheduled tapings in the future. We've been on a variety of Radio talk shows, including the John Boy and Billy radio show. We are on one in Arizona once a month for an hour of Shake Rattle and Troll Radio. We have a new Brochure With all Of our sponsors and supporters. I am waiting for Brigid to send me some so I can send packets out to our sponsors and supporters other interested parties. I live in Kansas and Brigid Lives in Wisconsin so it takes a while to get some things accomplished. Please Call Brigid for a list of the Board Members and their addresses. Brigid has completed over 100 some hunts since she got started with seven this year all ready and a lot all ready booked for this fall--Deer and bear-pigs-elk and others......

Check us out in a recent article in the Marshfield News:



United Special Sportsmen Alliance

John Mozingo, mozingoj@hotmail.com PO Box 553, Chetopa, KS 67336 620-236-4266

Brigid O’Donaghue, biotec@tds.net 1-800-518-8019
.texas is one of the main ones and fl....mozingoj@hotmail.com .....United Special Sportsmen Alliance inc............

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Out of state boar hunting

Hey rkensparc,
I went to europeanwildboarhunt.com and found a place in Shoshone, Idaho that has Russian Boars. I'm headed there in the spring of 2004 with My Bow and pistol. Check it out!

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Out of state boar hunting

to me hogs ar just varments... i own a ranch in S.E.Oklahomajust outside the kiamichi mts.and they tare the hell out of our pastures when they root. when i get a hog (3 to 5 a night with my defimation permit) i usually just drag it off down the creek for coyote bate. also i'll take most anyone withme that wants to when i go.

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Out of state boar hunting

If you dont like the hogs on your land E-mail me all help hunt them off.


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Out of state boar hunting

I'll help weedem out to. I would even pay you a little for each hog I harvest. I've hunted them before and enjoy it. If your enterested in cutting down the hog population let me know.

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Out of state boar hunting

You have just what I have been looking for, good hunting and an opportunity to develop a new friendship. I was in the process of travleing down to TX here in the near future but after a phone call today to my travel sight, I found out that TX is having severe problems with diseased hogs that can transfer to humans, so I have cancelled my trip.
Just like other individuals, I'm an experienced hunter and follow all state laws and rules. After finding this site today and reading your posting on the forum, I would be very interested in traveling down to your ranch and try my luck at some hogs with your experienced guiding. I have no problem staying in hotels and I'm willing to treat you and your family to some meals(or bring down some good ol Iowa steaks for the grill) to show my appreciation for the hunting opportunity.

If you or any of your fellow neighbors have some spare time, please contact me at mroemer@pionet.net

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Out of state boar hunting

Has anyone hunted the boars in Shoshone Idaho?

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