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OTC Tags

Ok need some help, we didnt get drawn for montana goats so i want to put together a last minute trip out west someplace. Looking at like Mule deer, Elk, Bear, something like that to hunt. This is DIY so we need OTC tags and public land, or tresspass hunts if they are within price range. Not trophy hunting by any means, just doing something different. Either gun or bow doesnt matter. We are coming from MN so any help would be great. Thanks

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OTC Tags

Check the Wyoming leftover lists, you might be able to do a mixed bag with them. There's lots of deer tags last I checked. Not sure on the elk situtation, but there are usually some kind of leftovers. Colorado has OTC bull tags, but you likely won't find a deer tag available in an OTC unit. However, you can get leftovers for both elk and deer in units 7/8 or 19 pretty reliably.
Idaho is probably you best bet for OTC elk and deer. Deer tags are limited, but barely plus they are good for most of the state. There is a nonresident cap on some licenses for elk, but you're good to go for most places right now. And no shortage of public land.
Oregon would be your next option but there isn't much overlap between elk and deer. Not sure about Washington.

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