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Oregon Tag Results

Results are up on the internet.

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Oregon Tag Results

big goose egg for me!

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Oregon Tag Results

Idrew my 1 choice deer for starkey and 2 choice for elk also in starkey Thumbs up

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Oregon results

drew 2nd choice elk starkey for Oct 28 spike hunt. Nodda else going to elect for bull bow hunt starkey how about everyone else.......

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Big nothing for me as well. Oh well, still get to chase around the blacktails and cascade elk.

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Oregon Tag Results

Being a bowhunter, I drew my #1 elk tag Ochoco and my #3 deer Umpqua...which I am not going to take. We are going to take advantage of the elk tag for sure. Anybody have any experience in ochoco? Would love to pick your brain. Thumbs up

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