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Oregon Antelope hunts

Am looking to try my hand at antelope hunting for frist time. Any advice is welcomed. Best places to hunt in oregon? Tricks at stalking?

Thanks folks.

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Oregon Antelope hunts

See ya made it. Welcome aboard!

I don't hunt them much. Have to travel to far and the draw here is tuff. Also most the animals on private land. Numbers here are really really down. 10 years ago they were everywhere. Now they are pretty hard to find. Think I'd check out the area between Paisley and Lakeview. Used to see a lot down there too. Someone told me Heart Mt too but never been there.

Turn off to the antelope refuge off of 395 north of Lakvview and should be lots of public land around there too with them on it.

See what happen this summer. maybe take a trip down there.