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Optima - White Hots - 300gr Thor

Got a bunch of 250 ballistic tips and 300gr HP Thor's in today and so i figured since the Optima was scoped, i'd load up 100gr of White Hots and the 300gr Thor. Started off at 50 yards and took 3 shots to get the scope zeroed in 1 1/2" high @ 50 and then took the rifle inside to swab out. 2 windex patches and i was finished cleaning.

Loaded up my gear onto the ATV and set up a fresh target at 100 yards. A few inches to the left but center.

I pulled shot #2 which was my fault due to me keeping my hand on the adjustment bar on the lead sled Shots 1 and 3 are touching.

They look good together i think,

Pellet fits right into the Thors hollow base,

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