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Optics for One Eyed Hunter

I'm new to bowhunting and I'm researching optic options. I'm blind in one eye.
I hate the idea of paying all that money for binoculars when I can only use half
of them. What would you do for optics if you only had one eye?

Thank you for any and all help!

Please feel free to email me at


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Re: Optics for One Eyed Hunter

You could buy a really nice rangefinder? But they will not be as comfortable as bino's when glassing for long periods of time by using two hands.

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Re: Optics for One Eyed Hunter

I thought someone made a monocular. Either that or try using a compact spotting scope. Just my thoughts.

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Re: Optics for One Eyed Hunter

Welcome to BGH!

I have a 10X hand held telescope, called a "Balscope Ten". Have no idea where I got it or when. It's been laying around for a long time. PM me and address and it's Your's.

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Re: Optics for One Eyed Hunter

I can't speak personally for any of them, but do a simple google search using "monocular sale" and you'll come up with a ton. here's one that is between $75-$90, and looks like it gets good reviews. It's a 6x30, so that should be good.


Good luck, and welcome to the site.

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In a monocular we have a demo

In a monocular we have a demo of the Zeiss 10x25 B T* Design Selection Series Monocular #522053 only $199.99 reduced from $349.99 or you can try a display unit of the Minox Spotting Scope #62226 MD 50 Straight only $189.99 reduced from $349.00 which is small enough to fit into the water bottle holder on your pack.


Please feel free to give a call with any questions.

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I'd don't see why any

I'd don't see why any spotting scope on the market wouldn't work. A monocular would be more carry-friendly I guess.

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