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I actually have three

I actually have three different ones and witch one for different times.  The first one is a Field Line fanny pack.  It has 5 pockets and in it I can pack enough supplies to take care of myself for at least a day if not 2 without having to scrounge for anything.  The second is a day pack that when packed will weigh around 30 pounds.  I forget the name on it and the name tag is long gone.  Once it is packed I can usually stay out in the field with it for almost up to a week and only need to resupply my water.  The third is a Cabela's Alaskan external frame pack.  This one you can do just about anything that you want with it from a day to months.  I use it mostly for packing out the meat after the shot.  You can either take the pack off or just compress it against the frame when you tie the meat bag onto it.  It is really quite comfortable with up to 150 pounds on it. 

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what is your budget on

what is your budget on optics? i am a working man but hunting is a passion so i spend waaaay more than i should on top of the line equipment...some things you can scrimp on optics is not one of them for me!

everypiece of glass i own say zeiss on it...

 in oopen country nothing is more relaxing than sitting on top of a ridge and looking around with a spotter.  i would rather sitt a mile away and count tines than say well he might be worth a closer look...my closer look means i go to 60 power with the twist of a dial...

the difference between good glass and gr8 glass is about 15 minutes of visible light on both morning and afternoon hunts.

i always tell guys i hunt with find the best you can afford then buy a better pair!

i would buy nothing lower than the nikon monarch series for binos 350$. nice glass for the money. if you can look through some swarovski 1000$+ (i dont like them as i can't seem to focus them for my eyes) or zeiss 1000$+ and compare them to others at low light times. also cabelas have their "euro" which i think are made by swarovski for less money...bout 800$ 

same with spotters most like the size of 15-45x65...i like a bit more 20-60x85 size matters. lol for us blind guys.

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Optics & Backpacks

I can't imagine hunting without both a good binocular & a good spotting scope. I'm partial to 10X50 glasses, wouldn't be upset to use 8X40 glasses & in a perfect world would have both. Go to a big retail store (ie Cabela's, etc.), take several outside (the better stores will let you) & check out different models with different price tags. The more expensive ones really are that much better so bite the bullet & buy the best you can - they'll last longer & you'll use them more.

Get a good spotting scope, 15X45X65 or so. Too big & it'll be too heavy & too much magnification will be useless in most hunting conditions. Again, buy a good one & it'll last.

Plan on buying several packs over the next few years if you can't try out other friends. What's comfortable to one is a pain in the back to another.  Badlands & Eberlestock makes good ones. Again, if you buy a bargain price pack, you'll most likely be replacing it before too long.

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I use 10x42 bino and I think

I use 10x42 bino and I think that is plenty.  As far as the spottng scope I have a snall compact one that I caryy if I am going to be in an open area, if I am timber hunting I do not want the extra weight.

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VORTEX are the bomb I would

VORTEX are the bomb I would recomend to anyone the price affortable too!

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I'm all for the 10x42 or 10x50 I just find 8 power not enough and 12 you have to start getting really steady and if you've been walking and just want to have a quick look it might be a little shaky. 


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I would go with Zeiss 10X.

I would go with Zeiss 10X. Then Leapold but spend the top dollar that you can afford as you should have them forever

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Swarovski and Eberlestock

I use 8x30 Swarovski’s now but I’m looking for a bigger pair like the 10x50 Swarovski SLCs.  If those are out of the price range then I would look at Nikon, they have been making some very good glass lately.  Again I recommend a 10x42 in their Monarch ATBs that happen to be on sale at Cabela’s right now.


As for the back pack I have two different ones, the Camelbak Striker is for day maybe overnight trips.  Of course it holds my water and my survival kit as well the other crap I might need that day depending on what kind of trip I’m on.  My other pack is an awesome all in one called the Just One from Eberlestock, it starts at 2300 cubic inches and expands to 4600 I also have the super spike duffle that adds another 2900 for a total of 7500 cubic inch load hauler.  It is an internal frame pack it is the one I go with most of the time.  It can cover my day trips, my 2 week hauls into the backcountry and everything in between.  Once I’m done with the hunt I can take the animal out with this pack too. Like the name says, just one, it does everything.  Its defiantly worth the $280 price tag.

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That pack sounds cool... I

That pack sounds cool... I will deffintly have to look into that one. Thats whats cool about this forum. You can ask the questions to people that have already been there and get good reliable feed back on you topic. I haven't used a backpack in 25 yrs. and that was back in Boy Scouts! LOL... Thanks for the info it has really helped in my planning to start Big Game hunting...

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I have 10x42 binos, a

I have 10x42 binos, a spotting scope and two Eberlestock packs. The just one pack will carry more than you'll need. The other pack is the x1a1, I think that's the name. I use it for everyday hunts around here. I can put my bow and rifle on/in the pack so I will have my hands free while walking to my stand.  Great packs from Eberlestock.

My first biggame pack was a Alaskan frame pack from Cabelas. It lasted forever it seems. I know it lasted 15 yrs of backpacking and hunting. Good luck deciding

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