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Opinion's wanted on decoy hunting.

 I have heard several things on which decoys to use. I have heard the gobbler decoys will scare off any gobbler that isn't the boss gobbler. Hence, I have never tried a gobbler decoy yet. I have also heard the best setup is like a couple of jakes with a couple of hens. Hence, this is what I have been using. With this setup I have drawn in a cople of hens, and one jake. I have not yet been able to draw in a mature gobbler. Opinions on decoys and decoy setups would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I can't help

I'm pretty new to turkey hunting and have never had any luck with decoys.

Maybe Rem2Arms or ArrowFlipper could offer some advice?

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   I use three hens and one

   I use three hens and one jake, What i do is position the jake so he is going to mount one of the hens, then i put one hen on each side of them about 5 yds away feeding,

Check my CA Rio 3-30-2011 post

This has worked for me very well.

Good Luck!

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Lose the jake dacoy for a day

Lose the jake dacoy for a day or 2 and see what happens. I have used jakes in past years and sometime they (jakes) gang up on the big tom(s) and pound the crap out of them. I think if you use a full strutter that might work better for you. But just use the hens for a couple of days and see if you get the big boy in.

Good Luck

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