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Opinion's wanted on blind hunting.

 I would like to know if most of you feel better hunting turkey's from a blind or just trying to blend in with a natural ground blind. I have a ground blind and am thinking about using it this year for turkey season. Give me your opinions and let me know what you think.

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Ground blinds are great if

Ground blinds are great if you are taking kids and are bow hunting. If you hunt from a pop-up make sure you wear black inside of it to blend. Don't open all of the windows so you can see what is going around you. It lets to much light in and the birds will see you. If you bow hunt make sure the blind is big enought for you and your bow. Some are small and when you get your bow at full draw you can hit the front and back. So you don't want that as the game will see movement.

They are a good investment for sure and if set up right will help you a lot.

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I think the ground blinds are

I think the ground blinds are a great method for with a partner or with the kids.  If you were to be bow hunting you almost have tohunt from the blind as I do not think you would be able to get the bow drawn before he saw you.  Now if you were gun hunting I think just making a blind from your srrounding or using a good tree for a back stop is a great way as the blind will not make the birds shy away as much.

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