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opinion on exotic hunting

I don't think that there is anything wrong with high fence hunting. Here in Texas tons of ranchs have gone to that. Thats the way to manage your herd and know exactly what is on the ranch.

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opinion on exotic hunting

There are pros and cons to each side. I don't think we will ever settle this debate. It ultimately is personal preference.

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opinion on exotic hunting

hunting for exotics is hunting. don't you understand that in states, especially texas, the animals escape the ranches and breed on public lands? iI was stationed at Ft. Hood Tx and we had exotics on our hunting land. They were just as hard to stalk as any smart deer. Plus animals like Kudu, put a damper on native animal populations. Anyways I hope I can change your opinion

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How about darting them not killing them?

I have hunted 35 years in Kentucky 130 class whitetails all over. Nice 8 pointers. I just started a Deer farm. I want to see 200+ deer. What I know is you have to have time 4 to 5 years to make a trophy buck. The way the hunting is anymore there isn't to many placed a deer can hide for that long. Once he is spotted he is shot.

Next year I am going to need shooter for my farm. I will need to dart my deer because of the regs. to keep them on the farm. I have to Med them and test them for TB. I'm setting up Tree stands and a box blind. This is going to be in 22 acres of thick woods Riven and a creek running threw the middle. There is no chasing them around set and wait shoots. Even if you where chasing them around the farthest clear shoot would be 25 yards. These would be velvet shoots also.

I have to pay for the meds and darts and Time to do this. What do you guys think this is worth$$$ to knock down a Beautiful animal. A great way to teach younger hunter and/or handicapped friend or family that can't get out in the wood with you.

What the stories they would have if you took them hunting/Shooting!!! Thats what hunting is all about anyway being in the field with friend and the story you tell afterward.

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Brad, to each their own, but

Brad, to each their own, but I wouldn't get enjoyment out of darting an animal.  Might be fun for some, but not for me.

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Re: opinion on exotic hunting

Very informative post. DUGABOY1 I really liked your informative imput on the subject. As being new to the board I am catching up on alot of older postings, and I have to say all you guys have made some excellent points.

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I agree. I am also new to the

I agree. I am also new to the site and i'm still catching up too. In my opinion as long as there is a chance that you aren't going to kill an exotic, I consider it hunting. When there is a gaurantee kill, how does one consider it to be hunting? I feel that if the action of the hunt involves searching for your prey and there is no guarantee of the kill then it's considered hunting. If you know where and when the animal is gong to be all the time, you might as well call it cheating the hunt. :rotest1

I got this guy on Long Island, NY. He was free range.

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Here in Maui, Hawaii we have

Here in Maui, Hawaii we have a lot of Axis Deer, you see them on the Highway, in Pastures grazing with Cattle and even in Residential areas. They were introduced years ago and have really taken hold. I'm not sure what the estimated population is here but the majority of them are on private Ranches where they choose to stay. they are free to roam as they please and go from Ranch to Ranch depending on the amount of Hunting pressure they feel. Axis Deer is a Game animal here and hunting them is permited in the Public Hunting Area. It is very rare to see even one in a Public hunting Area while on the Ranches it is not uncommon to see Herds of 40-50 animals. they are the most elusive and challenging animal we have to hunt here if you ask me. I guess I wouldn't consider them "exotic" because they have been here as long as I can remember.