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Opening Weekend-Goodluck yall!

Just wanted to wish all the stick and string hunters out there goodluck this weekend.
I'm pretty stoked. My brother did some scouting this last weekend and he saw close to 400 head. Bulls aren't with the cows yet besides some spikes and rags. If you're wondering how he saw so many elk, we hunt open country so a spotting scope and binoculars go a long way.
I'm also taking the wife. First time in 10 years of marriage. It's scary. Hopefully she doesn't complain the whole time.
May your arrows fly strait. Mine better.

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Good luck to you as well!  I

Good luck to you as well!  I can't wait to get out there with my bow! 

My wife will also be joining me for the first time this year, however not on my archery hunts, we will be hunting together for 1st and 2nd rifle seasons here in CO.

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Good luck Striker! Hope you

Good luck Striker! Hope you stick one

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Good luck to everyone. I

Good luck to everyone. I lucked out and got my Private land cow with the rifle opening weekend. Now I am after a big bear with the rifle. Weather is starting to change in the high country and the trees will be filled with color shortly. Stop and appreciate what you have while out wondering through the forest with your bow or rifle.

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