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hmmm,me too

[quote=Still Hunter]

Sometimes I feel like hunting ATV tires.

That would be wrong. I couldn't do that...........I might..................No, that would be wrong................Then again..................


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Elk Hunt Ruined


That's really too bad to hear that your hunt was ruined by irresponsible ATV-users.   It seems to be a growing problem and yet the very hunters that are often negatively impacted by stuff like this continue to fight the closure of roads, tooth and nail.  Are they afraid of walking?  While it does not sounds like these guys were breaking the law, it seems that everyone has a story or two like yours about the “few bad apples” that end up ruining a hunt, a trip and the image of the average ATV-user.  I encourage those of you who are concerned about this to get involved with the sportsmen groups that are working on this (check out the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and Sportsmen Ride Right).  And, if you see someone violating the law, report them!  You could receive up to $1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of an illegal ORV user!


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I really don't see what your bitching about, it sounds like the road was open to vehicle travel ?, what if it was a pick up going by ?, Would you still be Bitching then ?. IF you don't want vehicles driving by you, don't hunt on a public road. JMO

And i most States, it is not legal to shoot from a public road, so actually, it sounds like you were planning on breaking the law.


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ATV's and Traffic

Hunt on a road or motorized trail or near them and you'll just have to accept that other hunters need those same access points to get to where they are going too.  Just because you see hunters in trucks driving the road or hunters on ATVs doesn't mean that they are hunting the roads.  We all use roads and trails to get us into an area. Most hunters keep their eyes peeled while driving to or from a hunting area.  Not sure why it's always assumed that if you see guys in blaze orange in a vehicle on a road that those same people are hunting the road.  Assumptions really suck and are often wrong.

Personally I don't mind traffic as long as it stays on a desinated road or motorized trail.  Make it work for you.  Simply find an area that all that traffic will likely push or scare game to and walk into that area and be set up before sunrise to hunt, sometimes it requires a walk of 1 to 2 miles, other times you only have to walk-in less than 1/2 mile to ambush scared game.

If you want to hunt in places where there will likely be no motorized traffic then hunt in Wilderness Area where motorized vehicles are not allowed, park at a trail head, use the trail to get you into the vicinity of where you want to hunt then go offtrail to that area.  But just accept that anywhere else where there are roads there will be traffic.

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Personally, I never hunt near

Personally, I never hunt near a road that can be used for vehicles. I will hunt off old logging roads that are blocked off though. I like hunting those, because they've been turned into game trails.

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